Milwaukee Lutheran High School

Upcoming Events

Musical - Little Shop of Horrors
Date: 4/26/2015, 2 PM
Date: 5/2/2015, 6:30 PM
Spring Fine Arts Concert
Date: 5/9/2015, 7 PM
Senior Awards Chapel
Date: 5/15/2015, 8 AM 10 AM
End of Semester 2
Date: 5/22/2015
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Our Mission

There are a lot of things that matter in life - making friends, making good grades, making the team, making decisions, making it to class on time, making good on promises - but only one thing that REALLY matters. 

At Milwaukee Lutheran High School, students have the opportunity to work on lots of things that matter. Most importantly, however, Milwaukee Lutheran High School students grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus. Milwaukee Lutheran High School is all about what REALLY matters.

What {really} matters.