At Milwaukee Lutheran, extracurricular activities are an integral aspect of school life and are a means of developing knowledge, positive attitudes, sportsmanship, and effective human relation skills.  Over 75% of MLHS students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity. Extracurricular activities are defined as activities that generally occur after the school day is completed. While these activities require as much time, careful planning, and commitment as academic subjects, the purpose of extracurricular activities is to enhance and extend student learning and experiences beyond the academic courses offered in the school.  MLHS offers a variety clubs and activities that appeal to students with a variety of passions.


Through AFS, MLHS students have the opportunity to support and learn about other cultures. Every year, students from around the world come to Milwaukee Lutheran to study for a year with the AFS program. Some years, students from Milwaukee Lutheran have had the chance to travel abroad with the AFS program and study in another country themselves. AFS produces many lasting friendships and memories.

Art Club

Engineering Club
Engineering club provides a way for any MLHS student to show and enhance their God-given creative, mechanical, and relational genius through challenging contests and projects. Membership in the club is open to all grades (9-12) and meetings are held about every two weeks (after school).

Every year the Engineering Club participates in the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. The objective of a Rube Goldberg machine is to perform a simple task in a complicated way. 


Having a successful high school experience is one of our highest priorities at MLHS. To that end, all freshmen take part in FROSH (Freshmen Relying on Senior Help) Program. Freshmen are divided into small groups (4-6 students each) and meet weekly with an upper class student who serves as their mentor, explaining what is expected of a student at MLHS and the various activities of high school life. Each mentor works with their freshman group to ensure a smooth transition from elementary school into high school and build a foundation for their success in ensuing years.

Junior State of America (JSA)
On high school campuses across the country, there are students concerned with what is happening around them -- students who are interested in politics and government, foreign affairs, the law, and education. The Junior State of America (JSA) was created by and for these students.
JSA allows for an exchange of ideas through stimulating student debates, thought talks, problem solving, and a variety of simulations. By participating in these activities, each member gains a more intelligent and informed viewpoint. JSA also provides a wonderful chance to meet and make friends with scores of other bright, involved students who have similar interests. It's an experience that you don't want to miss.

National Honor Society
National Honor Society (N.H.S.) is a nationally recognized organization which recognizes high school students for their outstanding academic achievement, their positive character, and their leadership and service in their school, community, and church. Our MLHS chapter emphasizes using their gifts and talents for the glory of Jesus Christ.


Students at Milwaukee Lutheran are eligible for membership following 4 semesters of school, achieving a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. at that time. Students must complete an application process and are evaluated by a faculty committee. Induction into N.H.S. takes place in late October.
SHIELD Yearbook

The Shield is Milwaukee Lutheran's yearbook, providing students who serve on the staff with an opportunity to enhance their graphic arts, photography, journalism, entrepreneurial and production skills. The staff organizes the layout of the yearbook and are responsible for the development of sponsors who will buy ads to reduce the cost of the book to students.

Student Council


Class of '15, Kristin

"I came here for a visit, and I loved it. It was so nice, everyone was nice to me, and it felt like home. That’s what anyone can get from this school. You can come in, and you can feel like you belong."