A Day at MLHS

On this page you can listen to student stories, watch a virtual tour of campus, scroll through our viewbook and fact sheets.  Choosing a high school is an exciting process. Each school has its own atmosphere and distinct differences.  We hope this page gives you a good idea of who we are.  Please continue to explore our site and read our Get Started page to become a part of the Red Knight family.  



Curious to hear from a student about their experience at MLHS?  In the below videos, Terri Mims and Dante Edwards share the different ways they've grown, the opportunities they took advantage of, and why Milwaukee Lutheran is different than other schools.

A Milwaukee College Prep graduate, Terri Mims, shares about her high school experience. As the student body president, she got very involved at Milwaukee Lutheran utilizing the many opportunities offered to her.  Her encouragement to new students is to get involved. "As a Red Knight there are so many opportunities to get involved!"


Hear from one of our talented students, Donte Edwards, and how he found his purpose through the fine arts program at Milwaukee Lutheran. "My purpose is to know God more... and help others know God through music."




In this video, meet our Director of Admissions, Mrs. Rachel Janousky and a couple of our students as they take you on a virtual tour of our campus.  You'll not only see our beautiful campus, but also some of our amazing teachers.  Our facility is well-maintained, safe, secure, and learner centered. The needs of our students are at the forefront of our facilities and classroom design.  We strive to provide a premier campus and environment that is functional, effective, and attractive.





pic of NJame

'20 Senior, N'Jame Kroupa

"Coming back to school, the willingness of not just faculty, but students ... opening up their hearts made me want to open up mine.  Just the love that the school showed towards my family and bringing the love from school back home.  It transformed my family through school. Everything we do at school is centered around God, and it made everything so much better."


Scroll through our viewbook to get a snapshot of our mission, culture, spiritual life, academics, athletics, fine arts, and additional program offerings!  You can also download a copy of the viewbook here.