Why go to the theater? Theater is a well-rounded and balanced cultural experience like none other, and it is a blend of many art forms!

There are many ways for students to get involved with drama:

  • Visual arts: costumes, makeup, hair, etc.
  • Sets: carpentry, building, painting, etc.
  • Backstage: props, moving set pieces, etc.
  • Acting and Musicals: acting, singing, dancing, choreography, etc.
  • Technical arts: lights, sounds, and special effects
  • Support: ushers, concessions, etc.
Join our drama team to experience the magic of theater!

We encourage Red Knights to develop their gifts and talents in drama. Each performance is creative and unique. Many different skill sets and talents come together as a team. Designers, producers, directors, support people, performers, costuming, makeup, and technical expertise. Performers often use accents, physical attributes, and expressions, defying their identities to bring you well-done characterization. Comedy, serious situations, irony, mystery, tragedy, and romance are common themes from life's experiences. Different parts of the world are often visited, and tolerance and empathy for all cultures are often achieved.

Many students can grow so much in drama while having fun. We have seen students develop public speaking skills, build confidence, learn how to use different tools & techniques in construction, learn about special effects in hair, makeup, and technology, and so much more.

Join us in all the different experiences drama has to offer!

12AngryPosterMilwaukee Lutheran Drama Presents

12 Angry Jurors

Friday, April 12 at 7pm
Saturday, April 13 at 7pm
Sunday, April 14 at 1pm


IMG_7527Drama Friends are the parents and relatives of the kids involved in the production, of both cast and crew, who work diligently behind the scenes to help make the production successful.

No experience is necessary to be part of Drama Friends! Experienced parents help coordinate and guide new Drama Friends. Whether you’ve been blessed with the gift of hospitality, creativity, organizational abilities, culinary skills, or whatever your talents might be (Romans 12:6-8), your help is welcomed! As a Drama Friend, you will get to know fellow parents, students, teachers, and directors.

Please consider a volunteer role. Your help is greatly appreciated! 

Bradley Dunigan
Mr. Bradley Dunigan, History & Drama Head
Tricia Rindahl
Mrs. Tricia Rindahl, Parent Coordinator and Associate Producer

DISCLAIMER : We at Milwaukee Lutheran consider the content and intent of the plays we select very earnestly.  Some are meant to simply entertain and to bring joy and laughter to the audience, some to send a message: most do both.  We do not select our plays exclusively from the Christian canon.  Some characters words and actions do not reflect the Christian World View that we espouse at MLHS.  However, the same is true of some of the characters and even the heroes in the Bible.  We look at these as foils that reflect the need for the good, the right and the holy.  We hope the audience can view these characters words and actions not as offensive (we change them as much as our licensing agreement will allow) but as a reflection of our fallen world and would remain mindful of the overall message of the production.