Tuition Assistance 

Milwaukee Lutheran uses TADS to assist with determining levels of tuition assistance for its families.
A completed TADS application should be submitted by April 19, 2019. A 2018 W2 and other tax forms will need to be submitted online to TADS to complete this application. 
Tuition assistance can be applied for through TADS after April 19, 2019. However, the majority of tuition assistance money will be awarded to those families that meet the April 18 deadline.
Potential New Family? Please Take Note: New families may desire to know a tuition based assistance amount early in the application process and prior to the completion of their 2018 taxes. Conditional tuition assistance awards can be granted as soon as possible to new students. This process should be initiated through contact with the admissions director.
A TADS tuition assistance application can be submitted with a 2017 tax return at any time. 2018 tax information will still need to be submitted to TADS by April 19, 2019 to verify that award amount. Milwaukee Lutheran reserves the right to change the tuition assistance award due to significant change in the financial situation of the family from 2017 to 2018.
For further questions about the TADS application process or tuition assistance considerations, please contact the Director of Admissions, Rachel Janousky. 
414-461-6000 x 210


Academic Scholarships 

The LHSAGM recognizes outstanding academic achievement based upon academic achievement and outstanding performances on the MLHS Entrance Exam (To be eligible for the following awards, students must complete the exam on the November or December testing date):

  • Top Scorer Award: One $1,000 grant is available to the top scorer on the placement exam.

  • Excellence Awards: $600 grants are awarded to the top 10 scores on the MLHS Entrance Exam.