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To become a Red Knight you need both Academic Acceptance and a Financial Plan.  
ALL steps below must be completed for your child to attend to attend Milwaukee Lutheran High School.
The admission process is established to determine whether enrollment at Milwaukee Lutheran is a good fit for the student and for the school. Milwaukee Lutheran accepts and reviews applications from any students who have met the school’s criteria for enrollment. If circumstances exist that would significantly prevent the student from being successful at Milwaukee Lutheran, admission may be denied. 

Class of 2024:   While we are still accepting applications, please note that we have a wait-list for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP).
Class of 2025: The admissions process will start in late September 2020.  Please check back for more details at that time.  



ALL Steps below must be completed for your child to attend.
    • Incoming Freshmen: Apply online through TADS 
    • Transfer Students: Click HERE to see our Transfer Admissions Policies (Note - MLHS does not accept Senior transfer students.)
      In addition to applying online in TADS you must provide academic transcripts, attendance records, AND discipline log from previous high schools attended. If there are no documented disciplinary incidents, then a brief letter is needed from an administrator stating that to be the case. No review will take place until all requested documents have been submitted. 
      Email documents to or Fax: 414-461-2733
    • IEP or 504 Plan (Transition Program): Students who have an IEP or 504 Plan must submit copies along with their application.  Please see the IEP/DISABILITIES ADMISSIONS PROCESSPlease note, as of January 10, 2020 the transition program is full.  Any applications submitted after this date will be added to the wait list.

      If records are falsified or information is withheld, a student’s acceptance will be impacted and the student will be asked to withdraw. 
  • 2. Placement Exam - Take at Milwaukee Lutheran.  To schedule the exam, select the appropriate exam date corresponding to your enrollment standing (i.e. freshman, transfer, IEP/504) while completing applying online through TADS.
  • 3. Next Steps Letter - Upon review of your placement exam, you will receive a Next Steps Letter. If academically accepted, fill out the enrollment forms through TADS. With completion of enrollment, a verification email will be sent. 

  • 4. Financial Plan - Scroll down to see the options.
  • 5. Academic Advising - We will contact you to sign up with Academic Advising to select classes AFTER Academic Acceptance AND a Financial Plan are verified.


Apply for a Choice Seat OR set up a Tuition Payment Plan:


Choice Options:
APPLY EARLY. When CHOICE seats are filled, a wait-list will be started.

  • Apply Online for a MPCP Seat:
    • February 3rd - 20th (preferred date)
    • April 1st - 20th
    • July 1st - 20th
    • September 1-14th (for current school year)

Tuition Options:

You are required to APPLY to MLHS before being granted a shadow/visit date.


Print the ADMISSION CHECKLIST to help you complete the entire process.


Please note, Milwaukee Lutheran reserves the right to rescind acceptance if 8th grade is not successfully completed or if there are indications of inappropriate student behavior.