Donor-Funded Tuition & Scholarships


Every student that wishes to be part of the Milwaukee Lutheran family receives a tuition reduction to bring the tuition balance to $12,750 for the 2024-25 school year.  It costs us significantly more than $12,750 to educate your student, and the difference is funded by an amazing group of donors and supporters of Milwaukee Lutheran.  The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee is proud to be part of a community that supports each other emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  

It is our hope that every student who wants to be part of the Milwaukee Lutheran Family has the opportunity to do so.  Financial circumstances are always difficult for families considering a Christian High School education for their children. 

We make every effort to offer a reduced tuition price as well as scholarship opportunities for students.  

We are committed to Teaching His Truth to as many students as we can.  

Looking for additional financial assistance?  Additional scholarship opportunities are available below.


Academic Scholarship

The LHSAGM recognizes outstanding academic achievement based upon academic achievement and outstanding performances on the MLHS Entrance Exam. To be eligible for the following awards, students must complete the exam on or prior to the December 17th testing date.  Awards may be applied to tuition, fees, lunch or transportation.

  • Top Scorer Award: One $1,000 grant is available to the top scorer on the placement exam.
  • Excellence Awards: $600 grants are awarded to the top scores on the MLHS Entrance Exam.

Contact the admissions office to register for the MLHS Entrance Exam on the December 5th testing date.  There is no additional application as this is a scores-based scholarship.  

Red Knight Scholarship Fund

Milwaukee Lutheran High School recognizes incoming students that demonstrate exemplary leadership skills through our core values (Biblical Truth, Relationships, Communication, Growth, and Love).  The Red Knight Scholarship Fund aims to give financial relief to students who demonstrate these core values.  Recipients of the Red Knight Scholarship are later connected ("You've been matched!") with a donor that is funding the scholarship.  This relationship between the student and the donor is special.  We have many great stories of when the students and/or the donors request to meet each other.  

Donor-Funded scholarships available through this fund: Christian Leadership Scholarship (requires an essay submission), Caroline Suycott Scholarship, Karen Lambert Scholarship, Jim Handrich Scholarship, WaterStone Bank Scholarship, Ted and Marilyn Batterman Scholarship, Brian and Josephine Muehl Scholarship, Doug and Barb Braun Scholarship, Olive W and Emma W Allen High School Scholarship, LaFore Scholarship, Twalhar Scholarship, Paedel Scholarship, Steinman Scholarship, Bachelor Scholarship, and Seider Scholarship.

Applications open November 1st and are reviewed on a rolling schedule with the majority of scholarships awarded in March and April.  

This scholarship is for tuition paying students and families only.  If you plan on applying to the Choice program, please wait to apply for the Red Knight Scholarship until after you are notified that you have not received a Choice seat.

To apply for a scholarship through this fund, please click here.

Fleck Scholarship

Sponsored by the Fleckenstein Family.  This scholarship is created to provide monetary tuition assistance to students interested in attending (or continuing to attend) Milwaukee Lutheran High School that otherwise would be unable to attend.  Student must have strong skills in one or more of the following categories: leadership, academic performance, extracurricular, community involvement.  Students must be  eligible for the Wisconsin Parental School Choice Program or the Milwaukee Parental School Choice Program but did not receive a Parental School Choice Voucher. 

Applications are open.

Ms. Abbie Amling, Director of Admissions
414.461.6000 ext. 280