The great friendships established during your high school years at Milwaukee Lutheran were/are strengthened by the fact that we are united by Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. It is Jesus Christ who gives meaning and purpose to our lives and Who makes us fit for service in family, church, and community. Your lives tell the story of a Christ-centered education.
More than 14,000 students have graduated from the Lutheran high schools in Milwaukee. Each has been nurtured for the development of Christian character. We are now completing our tenth decade of service to students, families, and congregations. We have a century of experience, which provides a rich legacy for the future.
We always enjoy hearing from you, we are constantly proud of you, and we praise God for your interest in and support of your Alma Mater. God bless you with His grace, mercy, and peace in Christ!

Wall of Honor


We are proud to recognize hundreds of alumni who walked across our graduation stage and into the line of duty.  To show our deep respect for them, we installed a Wall of Honor in 2017 to display the names of graduates who served our country in the five military branches and first responder teams.  The list of names is linked above, last updated October 2018.

If you are a graduate who is currently serving, or have previously served, on any military or first responder team, or know of any graduate that should be included, please send us this information to be recognized. This includes those who graduated from the original Lutheran High School.

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