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The Transition Education Services Program at Milwaukee Lutheran High School provides assistance, as available, for students with a diagnosed disability or impairment affecting his or her ability to function independently within the school environment. The program offers a spectrum of services which include a modified core curriculum, resource study hall, reasonable classroom accomodations, and post-secondary planning. Students receive support and instruction that promotes self-advocacy, problem-solving, the development of compensatory skills, and classroom success. Students wishing to enroll in the Transition Program must provide current and past assessments indicating evidence of a disability or impairment, and a review of all educational records. A family interview with program staff may also be required. Admission to the program is limited.


The Study Center is open both before and after school for quiet student work and homework-related computer use. Students are supervised by an assigned staff member.

Students coming before school may enter at or after 7:00 am at the Main Office entrance.

Students after school must sign-in by 3:20 pm (unless receiving a written pass from a teacher). Students may leave as their rides arrive, but no later than 5:00 pm.