Relationships are important, and Milwaukee Lutheran provides many opportunities for parents to get involved in the life of the school and develop new relationships and friends.
Red Knight Booster Club . provides support for the athletic programs of MLHS.
Red Knight Music Boosters . provides support for the choral and band programs, helping to raise money each year to offset the costs of the annual tours and trips.
Drama Friends . provides support for the three annual productions.
Moms-in-Prayer .  meets every Friday morning to offer prayer support for MLHS students, families and staff.



REPORTING A STUDENT ABSENT OR LATE  Absences must be reported to the Attendance Office by email attendance@milwaukeelutheran.org  OR (414) 461-6062 by 9 AM on the day of the absence.  


EARLY RELEASE  If you need to have your student released early, please Email  attendance@milwaukeelutheran.org  or call the attendance office (414) 461-6062 AT LEAST ONE HOUR IN ADVANCE.  Last minute calls may result in a delayed dismissal.

GETTING A MESSAGE TO A STUDENT  If you need to get a message to a student please email attendance@milwaukeelutheran.org  OR  call (414) 461-6062 and a message will be sent to the student through student mail.  

***Please note that due to the large volume of calls and activity in the attendance office you may have to leave a message.  Messages are checked often and the call will be handled accordingly.***

Thank you for your assistance in this matter!