Terri '23

With the feedback from the judges (in MLHS forensics) I was able to improve each competition, and even outside forensics. I am so glad I was able to be in such a program and meet so many amazing people.


Tori '22

I love all the sports that we have and all the sports we can play if we want to. It’s fun because whatever sport you get to play or watch, you see the family that is built within it. Everybody is relatable and everybody has somebody to talk to. You have your coaches that are very understandable. And it's just fun to watch... to see how tight everyone is or can be.


Eniyah '22

I joined (The Honors Academy) as a sophomore to help with the college process, but also to be around more people with similar intellectual level.  Seeing their perspectives on worldviews is different than talking with someone on the street.


Kat '21

My past four years have been filled with wonderful memories. Whether that be learning in the classroom, growing my faith in chapel, but especially through our athletics program.

Milwaukee Lutheran is equipped with coaches that will be there to walk alongside you, help develop you as a player, and also be there to build you up as a Christian in our daily livesI encourage you to attend events and get involved with how you can.


Malikai '21

The reason I chose to come to Milwaukee Lutheran is their motto, "Sharing Jesus, Shaping Lives, Developing Leaders." When you are sharing Jesus, you begin to shape the lives of people. When you shape the lives of people, you begin to develop leaders and people who are going to go out into the world and preach the gospel.


Kevin '21

Milwaukee Lutheran has a bunch of English classes they offer such as Drama literature and writing workshops.  I just love our English department. Our English department classes are fun and interactive in a nice learning environment. And they don’t make it boring to learn.


Don '20

Sophomore religion with Pastor we started talking about baptism second semester. This was a topic that made me feel some type of way. I wanted to know more. I went after school to talk to him about it. One day I asked if he would mind baptizing me. He was so excited – a big smile on his face. When that day happened I felt something hover over me and I felt life and stuff change.

I feel welcome at Milwaukee Lutheran too.  I used to stay there for hours because I would rather be at the school and be myself.


N'Jame '20

In my Junior year, my mom got diagnosed with cancer.  It was hard...  Coming back to school, the willingness of not just faculty, but students ... opening up their hearts made me want to open up mine.  Just the love that the school showed towards my family and bringing the love from school back home.  

Milwaukee Lutheran has transformed how I view the world and others. How I treat people in general. Surrounding people in love. Transformed my family through school. Everything at school is centered around God. It made everything so much better.


Desriana '20

The Honors Academy helped me find myself, and the person God has called me to be as a leader in this world. I never thought about attending a four-year-college until I enrolled in The Honors Academy.  I now have a vision for myself and my career path after college.


Chris  ‘18

I chose MLHS because of the strong Christian atmosphere and academics.

Teachers know me and care about me. If I have a problem, I can go and talk to them. They will stay after class and help me.

I’m glad I’m at MLHS because I can share my faith with others, I can pray everyday, the teachers care about us, and it’s safe.

MLHS is preparing me for college with rigorous courses, helping me become a leader and a strong Christian man.


Ellie ‘17

I was able to take Dual Credit course to help me start a career in the field of Psychology and the involvement I have in classes.

I am able to talk about my faith freely, and I learned how to share my faith with others in public places.

MLHS is definitely developing me as a leader. For presentations, I come before the class and talk about a topic to the class. That also comes with sharing my faith. When we do prayer requests, I am able to connect with my peers and hear what’s going on in their lives, and then share my faith with them by praying with them.


Kristin ‘15

I came here for a visit, and I loved it. It was so nice, everyone was nice to me, and it felt like home. That’s what anyone can get from this school. You can come in, and you can feel like you belong.

I really wasn’t very good at math, I struggled a lot in grade school. But then I took AA Trigonometry with Miss Bolz and Milwaukee Lutheran. She has changed what I think about math. I love it now, and I get it now. It’s so exciting. The English teachers are great too. I’m in AP Literature. I never thought that I would have been there as a freshman. I love reading books now, it’s changed everything that I though I could do.


Dalana ‘15

We are a family. Whenever we go through something we come together as one and get through it. The teachers are very encouraging. If you need something they are always there. They always offer one-on-one time. Especially my religion teacher. He always knows the answer if we have a question then and there. He knows what Bible verse to go to, straight to the Bible. He helps us with the real world and opens our eyes to what we will face.

Students here are unique and different in their own way. Even with our differences, we are never separated and we always come together, because we’re a team.


James '13

Milwaukee Lutheran was a great school for me. Because of the service that teachers and volunteers are able to give, they motivated me as a man and made me want to go into a career of service.


Megan '13

When I started coaching cheerleading at MLHS, I saw how much of an impact you could make in that role. I went to school for teaching and really found value and success in being the hands and feet of Jesus everyday by serving students.


Dr. Steig '70

My time with teachers like Mr. Bachelor in physics and Mr. Dobberful and Miss Moeller in English were life changing. They motived me to always put in the extra effort. Ed Haeger coached the swim team when I was on the team. As a coach and athletic director, he was always there to listen. A great education overall.

malikai mitchell-1-2

Malikai, Class of '21

"The reason I chose to come to Milwaukee Lutheran is their motto, "Sharing Jesus, Shaping Lives, Developing Leaders."