Chris  ‘18

I chose MLHS because of the strong Christian atmosphere and academics.

Teachers know me and care about me. If I have a problem, I can go and talk to them. They will stay after class and help me.

I’m glad I’m at MLHS because I can share my faith with others, I can pray everyday, the teachers care about us, and it’s safe.

 MLHS is preparing me for college with rigorous courses, helping me become a leader and a strong Christian man.


Ellie ‘17

I was able to take Dual Credit course to help me start a career in the field of Psychology and the involvement I have in classes.

I am able to talk about my faith freely, and I learned how to share my faith with others in public places.

MLHS is definitely developing me as a leader. For presentations, I come before the class and talk about a topic to the class. That also comes with sharing my faith. When we do prayer requests, I am able to connect with my peers and hear what’s going on in their lives, and then share my faith with them by praying with them.


Kristin ‘15

I came here for a visit, and I loved it. It was so nice, everyone was nice to me, and it felt like home. That’s what anyone can get from this school. You can come in, and you can feel like you belong.

I really wasn’t very good at math, I struggled a lot in grade school. But then I took AA Trigonometry with Miss Bolz and Milwaukee Lutheran. She has changed what I think about math. I love it now, and I get it now. It’s so exciting. The English teachers are great too. I’m in AP Literature. I never thought that I would have been there as a freshman. I love reading books now, it’s changed everything that I though I could do.


Dalana ‘15

We are a family. Whenever we go through something we come together as one and get through it. The teachers are very encouraging. If you need something they are always there. They always offer one-on-one time. Especially my religion teacher. He always knows the answer if we have a question then and there. He knows what Bible verse to go to, straight to the Bible. He helps us with the real world and opens our eyes to what we will face.

Students here are unique and different in their own way. Even with our differences, we are never separated and we always come together, because we’re a team.


Brennen, Class of '16

"The teachers here love Jesus Christ, and spread his word and pray everyday."