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We encourage Red Knights to expand their worldview and challenge themselves in new ways.  International travel will expand your student's knowledge of the world around them and grow their confidence and independence.  Students will discover more about themselves as they learn about other cultural values, norms, people and places.  We plan trips 2-years in advance to ensure families have enough time to fundraise and/or budget for these trips.


Join us on our upcoming trips! 

2023 - The Alps and the Mediterranean Coast (Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain)

Each stop on your 11-day journey will leave you awe-inspired—from the tranquility of lakes Lucerne and Como, to the Mediterranean shores of Cinque Terre and Nice, to the culture and architecture of Provence and Barcelona. Museums will always have their place, but sometimes it’s what’s outside that really takes your breath away.

Milwaukee Lutheran is planning this trip with EF Educational Tours.  EF has over 55 years of experience planning these trips and ensures students will have a great international education experience.  EF also ensures our trips are safe (i.e. provides local support, travel protection, safety response team, etc.). 

This 11-day trip is planned for June of 2023.  Reserve your spot here.



Recent Trips:

  • 2022 - Dublin, London, and Paris
  • 2021 - Italy and Croatia (touring the Adriatic Sea)
  • 2021 - Europe's Mediterranean Coast (Italy, France, Spain) 
  • 2019 - England and France (the picture featured above is from this trip)
  • 2018 - Costa Rica
  • 2017 - Italy and Germany

Hear from Mr. Janousky about the

2022 Trip to Dublin, London, and Paris


Mr. Evan Janousky, International Tour Director, Academic Advisor
414-461-6000 x 212