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Students at Milwaukee Lutheran High School are provided with an extensive curriculum that allows for maximizing individual potential as well as appropriately enhancing the skills necessary for success in today's modern society. Courses are designed to help learning focus on timely and relevant experiences. Regardless of the program of study, Milwaukee Lutheran is determined to train each individual for effective service in their home, church, community and vocation.

College Preparatory Curriculum

The main focus of our academic program is a well-balanced curriculum, embracing subjects of academic and cultural value. Our student body size and teaching expertise allows us to provide a variety of elective courses that supplement the core curriculum and round out a student's academic experience. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, discernment, and assessment of reading, writing, computation, and communication skills.

Graduation Requirements

MLHS students are required to successfully complete forty-eight  or fifty credits to receive a diploma.  One credit is awarded for the successful completion of a semester course, and two credits are awarded for successful completion of a year-long course.  Students typically schedule seven classes per semester and have one free period. Eight classes are possible, depending on the academic load.  Courses must be completed in the following areas:

  • English . 8 credits
  • Mathematics . 6 credits
  • Physical Education . 4 credits
  • Religion . 8 credits
  • Science . 6 credits
  • Social Studies . 6 credits
  • Financial Literacy . 1 credit
  • *Electives . 12 credits

*Electives include courses in art, business, design, foreign language, music, and technical education.